Pantry Shelf Tetris

This small pantry was a game of Tetris to organize, and it was a fun one! Now, every jar, spice and box has its place.

Barn Loft Storage Space

This barn loft was an overwhelming site to walk into, but we took it on today! Now this barn loft is the ideal storage location for this client.

Library Guest Room for the Book Worm

We used shelves from around the home to create a library for this book loving client. Now they have a peaceful perch to enjoy their books and host guests in the spare room!

My client, a true book lover, writer and editor, culled her collection today so she would have less clutter. 

She donated over 500 books to Runnels School for their library and used book sale. You see, Runnels is still recovering from the 2016 floods where they lost everything, including all of their library books. This donation will benefit so many students. 

We made her guest room a small library where she can enjoy her favorites over and over. 

A great day indeed. 

From Chaos to Closet

Martha Carol Stewart Chaos Organizing Closets

Closet Organization is key to starting the day off right.  Being able to find what you need quickly and easily helps get you efficiently out the door to work or play. It also saves you money as well as stress!  No more duplicate purchases because you couldn’t find that item that you just saw yesterday! If you are selling your home, an organized closet increases your home value.