4 Tips to Tackle the Tech Clutter

Do you get vertigo from your heading spinning, trying to keep up with all this technology?  I CERTAINLY DO!!!  Passwords, cables, computers, phones, etc.  I feel like my household could employ a full time IT professional.

In celebration of National Techies Day (who knew there was such a thing?) and Virus Appreciation Day (honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve got the right kind of virus here but let’s just roll with it), let’s tackle our technology.  

As professional organizers we deal with lots of clutter, but clutter comes in all forms. One type of clutter worth discussing is e-clutter -being digitally disorganized. I’ve rounded up some proven tips for tackling your e-clutter and protecting yourself from viruses.

1 Declutter Your Screens

After a while, our screens can begin to look like a kitchen counter after the kids just helped you cook.  One way to start decluttering is by tossing everything you no longer use or need. Technology quickly becomes outdated or even broken. If you don’t use it, find another home for it (away from your home and life). Once the physical tech clutter is out of mind, you can focus on the digital clutter. Take a look at your desktops, files, social media feeds, and your email inbox. Is it a chaotic mess in there? Get to deleting! Delete what you no longer need, then unsubscribe and unfollow the noise. Next time you open up your device, it’ll be a breath of fresh air.

2 Dealing with passwords

The same process involved with organizing your physical items applies to your electronic technology.  Once you have decluttered your e-clutter it’s time to organize it. Think about putting your passwords in one easily accessed location.  There are many apps available to keep track of your passwords.

3 Protect Your Digital Self

The reviews are in for the best antivirus protection software of 2018. Make sure your information and accounts are safe!

4 Shop to Organize

Even if technology isn’t your thing, shopping to organize it might just be your new thing! Here are some fun products to help handle with the tangible items lying around that’s associated with all this technology.

This is great to house all of your family’s electronics.  

Pro Tip:  Get your kids to plug into this nightly to keep the electronics out of their rooms.

This is great not only for travel but for keeping track of all of your cables and adapters on a daily basis.  Bonus: just pack it when you are ready to leave on a trip.

Tackling your e-clutter is no different than tackling your physical clutter.  Break it down into manageable tasks. Most experts agree that tackling your email inbox is the best place to start. Delete, Defer, Delegate, Do. These are your marching orders! Techies, go attack that email inbox!

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