The Guests Are Coming! The Guests Are Coming!

We are Southern and for us that means it’s that time of year, y’all!  Time for turkey, hunting, football, cranberry sauce and Southern hospitality!  While it’s sometimes fun to have family and friends in town, it can be stressful unless you plan it right! Let us give you 7 great organizing tips to make your guests feel as pampered as a Southern Belle and you feel relaxed about them being there!

1. Clean, Comfortable Bedding

You will need clean and comfortable bedding for the guest bedroom.  Clean being the more important of the two! Make sure all bedding is washed and the bed is made neatly.  Yes, they might mind the Catahoula hound hair on the pillow! Make sure to have enough pillows and an extra blanket if needed.  Here is a link to “How to Make a Bed,” in case you need some help

2. Clutter Free Space

Of course they want to see the 72 photos of you and your kids at the Saints game displayed on the nightstand, but they’d also like a space to rest their own personal items.  They will need space for their luggage, phones, iPads, laptops, and other personal items. Make sure the bedside table is clear enough for them to have that space. Maybe just 1 photo of Drew Brees hanging on the wall will suffice? Having a little hanging space in the closet is considerate too.  Move the debutante dresses to the other closet!

3. A Touch of Home

Help entertain your guests that have different sleeping habits than your family by providing soft lighting, water, snacks and entertainment. Lamps, books, Southern Living, Garden and Gun magazines, local brochures for nearby attractions as well as a Wi-Fi password provided for late night or early morning reading are a just few nice touches. Water and snacks like pralines, Satsuma’s or Zapp’s chips help a guest feel cozy and may make them forget that it’s 90% humidity outside on Thanksgiving Day. Did I mention they might need hair ties?

4. Guest Towels

In my house, I like to designate certain towels as guest towels so that my children don’t use them to wash the dog or clean up the mud on the floor. (Oh, who am I kidding.  They wouldn’t do either of those things!) My guest towels don’t look like the others. They are actually white, for one. (Not dingy white and well loved) I place a clean bath towel, face towel and washcloth on the guest’s bed so they don’t have to go searching for what they can use.  I have put these in baskets, tied them with a ribbon or just stacked them nicely. Any of those options makes the guest feel welcome.

Guest Towels

5. The Often Forgotten Essentials

A nice basket or container of travel size toiletries is helpful if your guest forgot an important item such as a toothbrush or razor.  This basket can include but is not limited to shampoo, body wash, conditioner, toothbrush, razor, mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, comb, hair ties or bug spray (Mosquito’s are like hawks, y’all). If your guests have small children, include toiletries geared for children as well.

Guest Essentials by Chaos Organizing

6. A Clean Bathroom

Make sure that the bathroom is clean.  This is especially important if your guests share the bathroom with my children. Uhm, I mean children.  Any children.

7. Considerations of Accommodations

Extra special welcoming touches are felt in the small details.  These might include simply a small vase of flowers or their very own trial size Tabasco sauce. It may also mean being aware of their food likes and dislikes, allergies and special needs. (Not everyone can tolerate our seafood.) Do they need space for a C-Pap machine, or a place to make bottles or drink milk-bourbon in the middle of the night? What are their favorite beverages or snacks?  

All of these tips can help your guests feel relaxed and pass a good time while staying in your home.  They let your guests feel that they are as wanted and welcome as Coach O after an LSU win! But be careful, if you are too kind, they might not leave.  And as my mother-in-law likes to say, company and fish stink after about 3 days!

If you want to learn more about the 6 things that make up Southern hospitality, here’s a link!

Most importantly, y’all have a good time, cher!  Laisses Bon Temps Rouler!

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