Introducing the CHAOS Method™ of Organization

I have started 2019 off with a bang.  

Well, not really.  

I have been sick for two weeks…not a lot of fun. However, I did manage to host a breakfast and do a presentation for 50 realtors at their office on January 8th , which was very enjoyable.  I’m just praying I did not pass on any sickness to them, as it turns out I had strep throat.  I would have thought it was some version of the flu but certainly not strep as my throat was not hurting, and I did not run a high fever.  Anyways, the test came back positive for strep so I quarantined myself to my house and began my recovery. Can you say cabin fever? Holy cow!!  This is why I could never live up north. This southern gal needs her sun, fresh air, AND warm temperatures.

While I was cooped up inside, I decided to see what all the fuss was surrounding Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  I am very familiar with the Marie Kondo method, and I am certainly on board with many of her ideas.

Here’s my take away…

Marie Kondo’s method of dumping everything belonging to a category accomplishes a few things.  


1. It makes you realize, truly realize, what you own. This may sound like a silly question but you might be surprised at just how many white shirts you own, or how many koozies are scattered around your home.  Do you know what you actually own? This can be a wow moment for a lot of people!

Below are the five categories the Marie Kondo Method uses:

  1. Clothing

  2. Books

  3. Papers

  4. Komono (miscellaneous items)

  5. Mementos (items with sentimental value)

2. It forces you to do something with all of your things.  When you dump all of your belongings by category onto your bed or the middle of your living room, you are FORCED to address the pile because it cannot stay there for long.  Eventually you will need to go to bed or you will have company over and you just cannot leave it in the middle of your living space.  It’s important to note, even the neatest person can probably benefit from doing this once in their life. After all, I have seen many posts on Instagram from professional organizers’ work and read the comments of readers that the newly organized space simply looks like organized hoarding - and I have to admit that sometimes it is.  Just because you have the space to keep that much stuff, should you??

In our Daily Challenges on social media, we are working on closets these two weeks.  This is the perfect time to think about truly analyzing your belongings.

3.  Organizing is a family affair.  It doesn’t work if only one person in the family is doing it.  However, we must make it easy for the members of our household to stay organized.  It is always best to set your family and yourself up for success.

We use the CHAOS Method™ to organize.

C – Categorize

H – Is it helpful or hurtful

A – Take Action

O – Organize

S – Simplify  

C - Categorize  

As you are going through your belongings, it is important to put them into categories.  Like items with like items. You will get a better idea about whether or not you need to hold onto four can openers, for instance.

H - Hurtful or helpful

As you go through your belongings ask yourself, is this item helpful or hurtful?  Are you asking yourself how a tank top can be either helpful or hurtful? Well, what emotion does it elicit?  This follows what Marie Kondo talks about and she has a valid point. What emotion do you feel? Go with your gut.  If the emotion is not positive, that probably means you should eliminate it from your life.

A - Action

Take action once you have decided how you feel about a possession.  Discard, donate, or keep.

O - Organize

Get containers to store your items.  

S - Simplify

Label everything to set your family and yourself up for success in maintaining your organization systems.

Now enjoy the fruits of your efforts, sit back, and relax!  If you have any questions about our method or would like our help with getting organized, give us a call.