Keeping the Holidays Happy, Organized, and Chaos Free

As the holidays approach, the stress slowly creeps in and eventually, we are in the midst of complete holiday chaos!  We are going to help you get through the holidays with our little secrets to a chaos free holiday!

Today’s secret: Decorating

Decorating Zones

The key to less stress decorating is to zone your decor. Here are the zones I use in my house:

  • Outdoor

  • Foyer or entry

  • Mantle

  • Tree

  • Etc. -living room throw pillows, bedroom decor, bourbon bar (Or is this just me?), or any other areas needed.  

Instead of bringing all the decor down at one time, bring down what’s needed for 1 zone only. The key to making this easy is....properly labeled storage bins.

Storage Bins and Labels

It is essential to your organizing that you have plastic bins that are properly labeled in your attic. Each holiday should have a designated spot for all of the bins needed so there is no confusion. Not only should the labels have your decorating zones on them, but they should be labeled with every single thing inside. Removable labels are best because sharpie is permanent, and your items may not be.  

Here’s an example of how we label our bins.

Here’s an example of how we label our bins.

These are the label maker and storage bins we use, but there are many great options out there whatever your budget may be!

Side Note: We typically prefer clear storage bins, but we make an exception for these as long as they’re properly labeled.

Simple and easy tips!  

Zone your decorating

Contain your zones

Label, label, label