How to Get Your Outdoor Space Spring Ready

“Traders en route from the Caribbean to the British, French and Spanish colonies were influenced by island architecture, rich with large open porches to accommodate the humid climate.”

- Old House Online

It’s spring! One of the most favorite times in Southern homes! We Southerners love our large porches where we can socialize with the neighbors or our backyard outdoor kitchens where we can cook and entertain anywhere from 5 to 500 guests before we get into the raw, humid heat of summer.

We are a social culture down here, but how do we keep these areas tidy and neat in between parties? Let me show you how!

Porches are fairly simple since we don’t keep much out there. Wiping down furniture and swings with a damp cloth is usually all that’s needed. The porch itself can be swept or blown clear of any debris. If it has mildew, you may need a good power wash to get it all cleaned up. Most of us have taken our plants inside for winter so now is the time to bring them outside and spruce them up! (Y’all know a proper southern porch must have hanging ferns, right?) Make sure the railings and steps are safe and secure, especially if they are wood. Don’t forget to look up and make sure the ceiling fans are cleaned and old wasp nests and dirt diver houses are removed.

Outdoor kitchens need a little more TLC. Many outdoor kitchens have grills, sinks, stone counters, storage space, outdoor furniture, and umbrellas. Some even have refrigerators or other fun things, like pizza ovens! Mike and I spend one of the first weekends in spring getting everything wiped out and wiped down. We also power wash the concrete and outdoor rugs (when we aren’t at soccer games!) Finally, we make lists of things we need to buy for the upcoming entertainment season.

Wipe down all outdoor surfaces with a wet towel.

Wipe down all outdoor surfaces with a wet towel.

Tip: I keep all the outdoor items in closed containers because, well, Louisiana has a lot of bugs and critters.

Speaking of that, check your bug spray stock and sunscreen too. (Sunscreen expires, so check the expiration dates.)

Tip: If mosquitos are a big problem in your area, take old wine bottles and repurpose them into citronella lanterns! We have them hanging across our porch so those pesky little things don’t bother us!

We also make sure to have a full tank of propane for the Easter crawfish boil because if you grab that tank on boil day and it’s empty, you’ll be madder than a wet hen!

Here is my personal list:

  1. Clean the grill

  2. Wipe the counters

  3. Scrub the sink

  4. Clean out the beer fridge.

  5. Clean out the trash cans and recycle cans.

  6. Wipe ceiling fans

  7. Check propane

  8. Power wash concrete, outdoor rugs and outdoor cushions.

  9. Uncover and wipe down outdoor furniture.

  10. Uncover televisions (We can’t miss March Madness!)

  11. Restock the outdoor spices (which live in a latch box inside because it’s too humid to keep them outside), paper goods, and outdoor linens.

  12. Does any pool maintenance need to be done?

  13. Check the fishing rods and tackle. (We have a pond. Hunting season is almost over so fishing begins. Remember, I live in Sportsman’s Paradise!)

Check out our Pinterest board to get some spring inspiration for your outdoor spaces!