All About the Bathroom Clutter

The kitchen is consistently described as the hardest working room in the home and while it is a hard-working room, I am here to debate its claim to fame as THE  hardest working room. After all, I know people who never cook favoring going out to eat as an alternative for most of their meals. I’ve even heard people say they don’t even need a kitchen since they rarely use it! 

So, you ask, what is the hardest working room? Well my friends, I say it’s the bathroom.   

 Think about it. Unless you are lucky enough to be on vacation, the bathroom is the room that is sure to be used daily. There is no “I’ll just go out to bathe, brush my teeth, weigh myself, etc.” These things get done daily at home in your bathroom.  Even when you are on vacation the bathroom is an intricate part of your “private” space.  Some hotels have a kitchenette, but ALL hotels have a bathroom. (Well except the place my daughter stayed in near Big Bend but that’s another story for another day. ) 

Since the bathroom is such an important part of our homes, it is imperative we keep this space organized.   

This room is used to start and end your day.   

 We try to incorporate into our daily challenges on social media quick tasks that go a long way to keeping you on track with getting and staying organized. This week’s challenges were centered around the bathroom.   

Purge Old Perfume 


Perfume has an average shelf life of three to five years from the time it is produced. While it doesn’t necessarily expire, overtime as perfume ages it will lose its concentration of original scent and it may start to smell like vinegar. Applying old perfume can also result in skin irritation, allergic reactions, or simply unpleasant aromas. Take a few minutes to do a smell test on your perfume and colognes discarding the stinky old ones.   

Pro tip: 

Perfume is best stored in opaque bottles with the top on in a cool and dark spot. I know, this is not the answer you were searching for as the bottles are oftentimes like works of art and look so pretty sitting on the counter on a tray. That’s how I keep mine too, but I make a point to use my stuff before it has an opportunity to start to smell differently than produced. 

Clean Brushes and Toss Old Appliances 


Does your bathroom cabinet, closet, drawer resemble a study in the history of hair?   

 ·        How many hair dryers do you own?   

·        Curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers?   

·        How many brushes and combs do you possess?   

·        Most importantly, what do you use regularly?   

The items you use on a daily basis should be the items taking up the prime real estate in your space.  Everything else should be stored away for occasional use. You may not wish to hot roll your hair daily, but you know there are times when those babies are needed. Store your rollers in a container properly labeled and placed it in a location for those occasions but out of the space you use daily.   

This is about clearing your area for the things that matter most giving you a sense of space.  Having that perception of space will go a long way in creating a sense of calm. 

 Wash Makeup Brushes and Toss Expired Makeup


 Good makeup brushes are an investment. I used to use the brushes that came with the drugstore makeup I bought. However, as I’ve gotten older, I have made a point to invest in better makeup and most importantly better brushes. There are some drugstore makeup brands I still gravitate towards, but the higher quality brushes make even inexpensive makeup easier to apply.   

I have started earmarking Sunday mornings as my time to clean my makeup brushes. This small task effects my everyday makeup routine in such a positive manner.   

Additionally, toss any expired makeup products that may be taking up precious space. Expired makeup not only takes up room, but it can cause skin irritation or infection and no one needs that in their lives.

This image was originally posted by    The Perfume Expert.

This image was originally posted by The Perfume Expert.

 Pro Tip: 

Check out this video on how to properly clean your makeup brushes. Create a weekly time to do this task. And check out these articles on The Perfume Expert and Today to learn more about makeup expiration and keeping products clean.

Toss Expired Medicine 


Don’t further your family’s illnesses by giving them bad medicine. Check the expiration dates and toss the items that are no longer up to date.   

Clear the Flat Surfaces 


Starting your morning in a clutter free space allows you to focus on the tasks ahead of you setting the tone for the rest of your day. Clutter is a thief. It steals our energy. If you at least start your day sans the clutter, you are a step ahead.   

 Having a spot for your items will help you keep your bathroom clutter free. Even a tray to corral the items used daily is better than having them haphazardly strewn around the counter.   

At the end of the day when you are winding down this clutter free environment will help induce a better night's rest which will impact the next day.   

 These practices have such amazing benefits and truly take little effort when placed into your daily routine.  Give us a call if you need help finding your calm. We are experts at clearing the clutter and establishing systems to keep your home a sanctuary of calm, peace, and fun.