Grab a Cocktail, and Let's Get Busy Setting Your Christmas Calendar!

Are you worn out from the hustle and bustle of Christmas?  Feeling overwhelmed? Do you keep starting and not finishing your tasks because of the distraction of so many “to do’s” on your plate?

Grab your coffee (or cocktail) and a pen and paper, sit down and read for just 3 minutes.  I’ll keep it short!

  1. Add all dates to all December functions on your calendar.  Do not get up because you remembered you are supposed to bring cookies to your kids class tomorrow and you need to see if you have flour.  Sit back down. Are the dates added?

  2. Look at what’s on the calendar. Make a list, in calendar order, of things you will need to do for those activities. Some examples:  Cocktail clothes need to go to the dry cleaners before the company party? Schedule that. When do you need presents shipped? Schedule that. Cookies need to be baked before the school event? Put the grocery shopping and the baking on your calendar.  Give each “to-do” a deadline and add these deadlines to the calendar. If it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist.

  3. Download our gift log.  Fill it out as best you can. Put this in a safe place THAT YOU WILL REMEMBER.  My list stays near the computer and gift wrapping in my office. Lisa uses an app for her list.  Here is the link.

  4. Now, schedule a date with your girlfriends to bring their presents and a bottle of wine for y’all to get busy wrapping! Wrapping and Wine Wednesdays? Schedule it!

Ok, now what’s on your calendar today?  

Ready, set, go!

P.S. Download our Holiday Gift Planner and Clutter Free Gift Idea List to get you started!