Tailgating Essentials to Start this Football Season Off Right

It’s the sweltering dog days of summer when cicadas sing lullabies and we watch the weather channel like crows watch the hen house, but we are excited because the new year is starting.  For us in the south, our new year starts on August 1st. Come August 1st, families start kissing the lazy days of summer goodbye as they become mindful of bedtime routines and getting children back on school sleep schedules.  Everything feels new at this time of year more so than January 1st ever could.

 The children are starting a new grade in school with new teachers and classmates. Many of our friends have moved into new homes over the summer break just to be ready for the start of the new year. And nothing is more refreshing than a new football schedule. Past losses are wiped free and anything is possible. There is a powerful feeling of hope at this time of year. It’s contagious and this is our South.

“College football is not like religion, it’s more important than that.”

-      Unknown

 We are not sure who coined that phrase, but it certainly goes a long way in describing how southerners feel about football. We absolutely love our football! Perhaps it’s the spirit of competition or the need to belong to something greater than ourselves, regardless the reason football is king in the South. From Friday night lights to college tailgating and NFL teams, we love it all.

 If there is anything to know about football in the South it’s that tailgating is serious business steeped in long traditions that vary by school. Whether you are at The Grove at Ole Miss or sailgating with the VOLS Navy on the Tennessee River before a game you are sure to discover the regional flavors that make these traditions so special.

To prepare for the start of this football season…

Here are some tailgating essentials:

  • A perfect outfit in your team’s colors!

  • A clear purse

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • A hat

  • Tent

  • Folding chairs

  • Folding table

  • A wagon- to haul the goods if you are walking around

  • An ice chest filled with your favorite beverages and lots of water because it’s HOT!

  • Ice chest with (already prepared)food to grill.

  • Bottle opener/Corkscrew

  • Coozies

  • Snacks

  • Battery powered fan

  • Hand wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Small first aid kit

  • Phone chargers

  • Small bag for trash

  • Tailgate grill (Fire extinguisher)

  • Propane or charcoal

  • Utensils/BBQ tools

  • Paper goods (Plates, napkins, paper towels, cups)

  • Speakers or entertainment system

  • Games

  • Extension cords

  • Décor-flags, rugs, pom-poms or anything else needed to make your tailgate look like home!


To pack an ice chest:

  • Stack bottles and cans at the bottom of the ice chest.

  • Pour fresh ice over cans and bottles

  • Put tailgating food on top of ice in air tight containers

  •  Large plastic tubs are great to store the non-perishable items throughout the year. Be sure to restock before putting them away so they are ready to go for the next home game.

Game day is almost here!  Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for pictures of our tailgating adventures and please share your tailgate pictures with us! 

 What would you add to this list?  Let us know!

And last but not least…Geaux Tigers and Geaux Cajuns!