There is Always Time for a Party in the South

And to close out our guest blogger series, Amber is talking about another favorite topic of ours, PARTIES!

Living in Taiwan has really been eye-opening. Particularly about how southerners truly do focus their lives around their homes and entertaining in their homes. In the south we love to entertain in our homes. However, in Taiwan it is customary to invite people out to a restaurant. The person who invites typically pays for the meal. This is largely due to the fact that many people live in apartments.

This has been a huge adjustment for my husband and I as we really love to entertain in our home. In the past when we purchased a home, one of the main features we considered is how well the house will work for entertaining.

I come from a really large family that celebrates everything together.  All of the parties throughout all of the years and all of the expected parties to come have contributed to my extensive collection of serving wear. Plates, bowls, wine buckets, candle holders, cake plates, you name it. I have all the holidays covered. Christmas, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Derby, Summer parties, fiestas and so many other theme events contribute to these items I use once a year.

Years ago, I learned to purchase mostly white serving wear so I am able to use my fundamental pieces throughout all the seasons but let’s be real, even with these root pieces my collection continues to grow yearly.

The real challenge of owning all of these items is in how to store them. It’s a struggle because there are so many different shapes and sizes. Many pieces are downright bulky and hard to organize. They are sparsely used and take up significant space but bring such joy.

In my last home, I had a wonderful area under my staircase to store these items. Unless there is a designated place in my new home when I return to the states, I will definitely need the assistance of a professional organizer to help me in this area.

Sometimes knowing what to do isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a little help with the things we are really good at doing.

There are reasons superheroes have sidekicks. Sometimes we just can’t tackle the world alone and that is ok. So even if organizing is your superpower there will be times and areas where you will struggle and can benefit from some help. These are the times to consider the value of hiring someone to help bring peace to your family. Life is easier when everything has a place. Find that peaceful easy feeling by hiring a professional organizer.