Summertime and the Weather's Fine!

Summertime and the weather’s fine!

I believe that’s the saying but I could be very wrong. LOL! In fact, when it comes to popular sayings I quite often butcher them! At any rate, I love the lazy days of summer when flip flops, swimsuits, and beach towels clutter the floor of my laundry room.

I’m sure many parents are screaming, lazy days of summer??!!! Who are you kidding? Between swim team practices, summer camps, vacations, and the onslaught of sleepover parties one could argue summer is not a lazy time!

Whether you believe summertime brings a level of chaos or calm it cannot be debated that the longer daylight hours allow us more time to enjoy the outdoors and this is a welcome reprieve from other seasons.

As organizers, we encounter many of the same items in a countless number of the homes we organize. The garage, for instance, is one area in particular where we organize much of the same stuff. We have come to refer to this specific collection of items typically stored in the garage as “Southern Staples”.

Southern Staples are items used frequently and are oftentimes used outside of your home. They are essential for backyard BBQ’s, crawfish boils, and fish fry’s, festivals, parades, and tailgates; therefore, they must be easy to pack and unpack from your vehicle as well as readily available to haul around your home for casual get togethers.

Our list of Southern Staples includes:

  • Ice Chests

  • Tables and Chairs (stadium seats, camp chairs, beach chairs, folding chairs)

  • Tents

  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellant

Creating a place in your home for these Southern Staples will make that packing and unpacking job less demanding.

You might even get your family involved in the process making attending and hosting events facile!