Too Organized to Hire a Professional?

Introducing one of new guest bloggers, Amber Windham! Like us, and probably most of you, she has a passion for all things organization but she also needs help sometimes! She is going to explain why professional organizers are must-haves for all your organizing needs!

There was a time when it was hard to see as an organized person how I would ever need to spend money on a professional organizer. Majority of shows, blogs, and Instagram posts are aimed at helping people who feel overwhelmed with being unorganized. I am sure that is the first thing that comes to the minds of writers and television producers but the funny thing is, I imagine the majority of the people who follow these posts are people who love everything about organization and are actually quite good at doing it. In fact, they likely believe hiring a professional organizer to help them is unnecessary. Many people believe they should just be able to “get a handle on things”.

Since they know what to do, why is their situation so overwhelming?

Perhaps we should think of a professional organizer like a personal trainer. Most of us know what we need to do to get into shape or to lose weight. So why are we still paying for these services if we know what to do? The answer is quite simple. Sometimes even knowing what to do isn’t the key to being able to do it.

Over the next few weeks we will discuss how you can benefit from the help of a professional organizer, even if you consider yourself to be an organized person.

* * *

Let’s say you love all things to do with organizing. Perhaps no one in the world loves a good before and after more than you do. You read blogs, posts, and watch shows having to do with organizing. You insist your family vacations at Disney World because it is the vacation that requires the most organization.  You are the person whose friends give you the massive eye roll when you tell them you have some unorganized room or area to tackle.

Organization is a fabulous skill and if you are organized you are viewed as having it all together. However, the truth is no one has it all together all the time.

Life happens.

Unfortunately, we feel a real sense of failure when we can’t get certain aspects of our lives organized and this can cause anxiety. I understand these feelings. I grew up in a house where the spices were in alphabetical order and everything had a place. In fact, my own home is run precisely the same way.

Shamefully I admit, to this day when I visit my parent’s home, I get a bit excited if I notice a dust bunny or a spice turned backwards because it validates that even my mother, my organization, cleaning idol, doesn’t have it together 100% percent of the time. In fact, I know of two areas where my Mom could really use some help…if only she would allow it.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you are a person who feels like you have life organized 90% of the time or the person that feels that way 5% of the time. Everyone can benefit from the help of a professional organizer at certain times.

We are going to tackle a few of these times and hotspot areas where you may find yourself situationally unorganized.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we go through many different organization techniques!

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