Holiday Time

Amber is back and talking about one of our personal favorite organizing topics!

Do your organizing superpowers leave you on January 6th as quickly as Santa passing on his sleigh Christmas morning?

We are so eager to put out our Christmas decorations. The Thanksgiving turkey has barely cooled when many of us start displaying every Santa we own. We decorate beautiful trees with ornaments we’ve collected over the years. We adorn our mantles and doors with garland and wreaths. We light candles to make our home smell like gingerbread and Christmas trees. We shop for the perfect gifts then wrap them in beautiful paper with coordinating bows. Some of us go so far as to coordinate the wrapping paper and bows with our home décor. We plan. Oh, how we plan and it brings us such joy! We love everything about this holiday…

Until the beginning of January when all that planning and care goes straight out of the window!

Insert images of moving into your home here! Boxes, attics, yes, images of moving can quickly cloud our organizational sensibilities. Just get it put away, right? The holidays are exhausting and a new year is upon us. It’s time to move on.

Most of us are guilty of getting our boxes out of the attic and literally filling them with whatever fits into whichever box. We put things in spare shopping bags or leftover gift bags and haphazardly haul it all back into the attic vowing to reorganize everything “when we have time” so next year will be the first year of blissful holiday organization. It will be another piece of the holiday magic. Toy soldiers lined up waiting to be displayed.

The problem is we never find time to haul that stuff back down from the attic. The cute red and green containers we dream about are gone from the stores along with the holiday decorations and once again we say “next year”. “Next year” we are greeted with a hurricane of mismatched, unorganized boxes, crumpled bows, broken ornaments, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to schedule time after the Christmas rush to have a professional organizer come in and help?

A professional organizer can help you get your holiday decorations organized into the proper containers and label everything. A professional can help you create a system to keep track of what you own and what areas you might wish to enhance so when the new decorations arrive in the stores you won’t be tempted to make that impulsive buy and will actually purchase the items you need.

This is the gift I wish to receive!

Get a hard start on your gift giving this year and give the gift of a professional organizer to your loved ones! They’ll be grateful you did!