Things that Live in the Attic

Coming off of last week’s moving blog creates a great opportunity to discuss one of the most dreaded spaces in even the most organized person’s home. The attic…where things go to die in the Louisiana and Texas heat. When we moved into our last house, we promised ourselves we would only use our attic for holiday decorations because we have a ton. Name a season and I could probably compete with Hobby Lobby.

I absolutely love changing the décor in my house for each holiday or season. With that you need a lot of space, a lot of different size odd shaped boxes, a lot of labeling and a very nice spouse or friend willing to climb into the attic to help you haul it all down.

The attic is an area that can quickly slip into disarray because it is for the most part out of site and easily out of mind. It can become the “incase we need it” spot. The spot where we hide things.  The spot we store the stuff our kids will surely want as they get older.

When we moved from Louisiana to Texas, we realized we didn’t want or need 99% of things in our attic (decorations excluded). It was organized but it was organized junk.

Some people call this organized hoarding. This is a time when a professional organizer can help even the most organized person because once again the attic is an emotional tomb. If we put it in the attic there is a pretty good chance, we are tied to it emotionally.

Perhaps we want to keep the items presently stored in our attic but we have realized these items are not being stored properly and are ruining in this non-climate-controlled environment. This is when a professional organizer can help you visualize your spaces in a more efficient manner helping you find a better alternative storage location for these perishable items you hold so dearly.

The latest statistics show that there are 52,000 storage unit facilities across America.

What on earth is being stored in all of these units? These storage units far exceeded the amount of McDonalds in 2014.  Think about this a second. Don’t you feel like McDonalds are everywhere?

Now granted there is a time and a place for utilizing a storage unit. We currently have one due to our overseas move. The average storage unit cost 1200 dollars a year. For this reason, we need to make sure we are storing things that actually hold the value of what we are paying to store them.

Try thinking about your attic space as if you were being charged. Would you pay for the things in the attic to be stored? If not it time to have someone help you sort through your things and decide what you should keep and ditch. Oh, and if you have a storage unit, they can help with that too! Even clutter we don’t see daily has a cost.