Amber is back again with some very insightful reasons on why a professional organizer is KEY to a successful and stress-free move!

A move. Yes, just typing the word MOVE makes me shudder…you, too right?

Last June we were informed we were being transferred from Houston to Taiwan and that transfer was happening in July! YES, JULY!!

This required dividing all of our things into categories. Now mind you we are a typical family of four with many things to divide. We had things that would go into climate controlled storage for three years, things we would give to family, subdivided into piles according to which family member, things we would bring with us in our luggage, things that would come to us in Taiwan via airfreight three weeks after our arrival, things we would sell, things we would donate and last but not least trash anyone? Is your head spinning yet? Mine did for weeks.

I realized being super organized is hard because you tend to overthink the categories. We may have had a few more piles than the average person moving but a local move can also send your mind into overload.

Oftentimes this packing event happens while your house is simultaneously on the market with showings happening at a moment’s notice. This requires an additional level of organization as potential buyers are checking out all of your private areas like your closets. That’s right, buyers will be looking in your cabinets and closets! No more throwing things behind closed doors.

Looking for a way to calm this chaos? A professional organizer is the solution. These experts understand the challenges you face with a move and pending sale. A professional organizer can help you develop solutions to quickly sort, donate, and pack your belongings. They will also teach you tricks for getting your family out of the door efficiently leaving your property in model home status within a moment’s notice. Most importantly, they will do it in the most gentle and comforting way.

What is worse than packing? Unpacking. Put simply, moving is exhausting.

Moving into a new home presents its own challenges. Now you have a new place with new storage and a new flow. How are you going to use this new space? Consider how amazing it could be if you could have someone come in and help you create your most functional house from the very beginning. A professional organizer can do just that!

While you are overwhelmed and tired and charged with duties like getting your family settled into a new job, school, routine, a professional organizer can unpack your belongings and help you get the most use of your new space.

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?