The Dreaded 3 D's

What are the dreaded 3 D’s you ask? Our guest blogger, Amber, is back to tell us why a professional organizer is the best person to help!

Although it is difficult to discuss there are three situations that immediately bring consideration for hiring a professional organizer.  Downsizing, divorce, and death. All of these words stir up some serious emotions and rightly so. Moving is such a stressful time to begin with but moving tied to a life altering event can be devastating, overwhelming and paralyzing.

Many of us find ourselves wanting to help family and friends during these times and that help might best be found in a professional organizer. The right professional can help you help your loved ones. When someone has been in the same house for many years the process of sorting through the treasures, we feel define all we have done and who we are is quite frankly mind-boggling. Tie this to the loss of the person who shared this with us and it can become impossible to even begin to sort into simple categories. Even if you are incredibly organized, this is a time your super powers could use a sidekick. 

As we discussed previously with children’s rooms anytime you are dealing with someone else’s belongings it is incredibly helpful to have someone who can help you separate the emotions.

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