Nature Vs. Nurture

Welcome back, my fellow organizers! Last week, we introduced our guest blogger, Amber, who is taking us on a very organized journey. Today it’s all about the kids and why THEY need an organizer!

Let’s discuss children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

How is it possible that the organization gene didn’t get passed on to at least one or all of our kids?  I have an eleven-year-old daughter. Despite the fact her mother and father both have way too many organization genes that gene somehow skipped right over her.  And when a child collector meets head to head with a minimalist parent sparks are sure to fly.

Stuffed animals are my sworn enemy. Most people see cute little animal toys. I see dust collectors, space invaders with eyes. So, I ask…How many stuffed animals should you allow your child to keep? How long should you keep these dust mite homes? I mean, try throwing away stuffed animals belonging to an eleven-year-old girl…you will likely have a better chance of getting your hands on the Declaration of Independence!

Like many other mothers, a small wave of anxiety comes over me every time I decide to grab a rake and go into my daughters’ room to clean. She loves little things, erasers, barbie shoes, pieces of paper, and slime, oh the slime, so much slime. I literally have a panic attack thinking about cleaning her room worried I will accidentally throw away the most important thing in her life.

This my friends are times when a professional organizer could come in to help me.

Someone to declutter and clean with my daughter. Someone more effective than her parents. An organizer can help find ways to store stuffed animals and all the little things while guiding her through the keep, donate, trash steps. Sometimes a simple suggestion to donate a toy to someone for next year’s Mardi Gras parade float is all it takes to get it out of your house.  

This is the gift I want to give my daughter. This gift will give her power over her space while teaching her the value in her space. The best part?? It is achieved with the help of a professional not her mother so the eye rolling would be cut at least 50%!

This is also a great gift for a teen. Mom is off their backs and they end up with a clean space to study and work all while feeling in control of the decisions being made leading to a better chance of the space staying organized.