A couple of weeks ago we talked about why you need a professional organizer if you’re moving, but today we’re gonna talk about something that is just as stressful. Renovations.

Perhaps you aren’t moving to a new location. Maybe you are renovating your current space. Many of us know families who had to rebuild after the floods in Baton Rouge and a year later in Houston. What an overwhelming experience! Martha-Carol and Lisa both flooded and know first-hand the trials and tribulations associated with these types of events.

Other renovations are not as involved as rebuilding an entire house or the first floor of a home but even renovating one room can be stressful. Regardless of the scope of your project, renovations are exhausting.

Example 1:

Your kitchen has lost its glam and function. You don’t know where to start but something must be done. Before heading to a kitchen show room, it would be wise to consider consulting a professional organizer. This professional can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by helping you understand what is and most importantly is not working for your situation. A professional organizer can offer suggestions that you can then take to the kitchen show room to assist with your space planning.

Example 2:

You have done all the planning involved for your renovation and it is now time for the work to begin but before that can happen you need to empty the space and you do not have time to pack up. Before you start throwing items into an empty box think about hiring a professional organizer to pack your space. This professional will establish a plan that will make unpacking a pleasant and productive experience. You might even find you don’t need as much space as you initially thought to store your items as they can help you purge the unwanted items before the renovation even begins.

Example 3:

You have saved money and spent time collecting ideas for your renovation, you picked out new finishes and appliances, dealt with your contractor and subcontractors, eaten out for a month and now it is complete. It is everything you have dreamt it to be and you are too tired to even think about moving back into the space or where to put your things. You just want to prepare a homecooked meal for your family. This is a great example of when an organized person can feel unorganized. Much like moving, you long for normal and are too worn out to achieve it effectively. A professional organizer can help you plan your space making sure it is organized in the most functional way.

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